The primary goals of this
organization are

  • Increasing spiritual awareness and personal growth
  • Exploring the mysteries of the hidden universe
  • Protecting the environment and our natural resources
  • Developing self-sustainable living communities
  • Empowering people to reclaim their personal power
  • Reunification of the Divine Feminine Essence and the Sacred Masculine Source
  • Maintaining healthy romantic partnerships
  • Promoting universal soul love


The Shift to Superconsciousness Conference

The Shift to Supercosnciousness Conference is hosted by Dr Lana Love and Det David Love of the popular talk radio show Universal Soul Love. Visit and ...

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About the Academy

Mastery of Life Through Mastery of the Self

Universal Soul Love Academy is a mystery school (mystical and metaphysical training centre) conceived by Dr Lana Love, a highly regarded Australian medical doctor/psychotherapist and her partner Det David Love, an American and international private investigator, as a means to assist truth seekers in making a successful personal transformation in what is being called a “global paradigm shift”.

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