Universal Soul Love – Sustainable Living Practices for a More Effective and Compassionate World

Do you sometimes despair when you look out into the world and see confusion, conflict, greed, hatred and misdirection? 

Do you ever wonder if there is another way? A better way towards progress and a deeper understanding of our place here on this planet?

At Universal Soul Love – a registered charity with a view to bringing about more sustainable living practices, both at home and abroad – we are certain that there is a better way. 

We are certain that it is possible to reach a higher level of consciousness and to provide solutions for all that ails the human race, through the adoption of certain principles and outlooks.

The primary goals of this
organization are

  • Developing self-sustainable living communities
  • Increasing spiritual awareness and personal growth
  • Exploring the mysteries of the hidden universe
  • Protecting the environment and our natural resources
  • Encouraging people to reclaim their personal power
  • Reunification of the Divine Feminine Essence and the Sacred Masculine Source
  • Maintaining healthy romantic partnerships
  • Promoting a message of universal love

Our Goals

Join us and explore the opportunities as we seek to harness the power of spiritual awareness through personal growth, in order to provide a better future. 

At Universal Soul Love, we are determined to protect the environment and save our natural resources, as we strive to develop self-sustaining communities that stand the test of time. We believe that we can reveal the power hidden deep within the mysteries of the universe, by promoting Universal Soul Love to the wider world.


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