The True Purpose of Personal Beliefs Systems

Religion and philosophy is nothing more than personal life coping strategies. They are meant to help us successfully navigate life. No personal philosophy is “one size fits all”. You (everyone) are going to find that other people’s belief systems may be entirely unsuitable for your purposes. We have to establish personal beliefs systems or “operating systems” that match our life circumstances and personality. If you find a church or organization that promotes beliefs that help you in achieving success, then by all means stick to it. If you find that an organization’s ideas are limiting your potential, then take away from it what works for you and look elsewhere for yours answers. The answers are actually within you. Our truths are determined in the way we interpret the information we receive from outside of ourselves. We need to understand that our Truth may not be what is true for someone else.

It’s about figuring out a winning system for yourself. We are always changing. My theories and my writing evolve like everything else. Otherwise, I would have no new insights and nothing to write about. Some routines and patterns are very helpful to us. Some of them we might want to stick with, but we want to continue to explore what we know in new ways. BTW – I do some personal development coaching with (certain) people who like my ideas and style. I help people form a winning strategy. I use be a professional “problem solver” as a PI. Now I teach people solve their own issues. My former career dis-empowered people into believing that they need to pay a ton of money to professionals to “fix” their lives. This is not only NOT True. It’s literally impossible for anyone to resolve your issues . . . for you! Our success in life is determined by US.

~ David Almeida,
Author and Mystic

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  1. Wow David – that certainly sounds right and what a practical way to approach something that most people argue about – to each his/ her own – and all is true !!

    • January says:

      Marie-Jo c’est de la belle ouvrage. Traduction experte, photo superbe, joueur attachant et maudit, commentaires ciselés : qu#8;217&est-ce qu’on peut demander de plus ? Question à Antoine, combien de GOAT finalement ? Caché, masqué, mais encore.

  2. Maribeth says:

    Congra on the new place…I’m new to your blog..but I’m already in love..My partner KC is from Cal and I love it as I do her…funny..because we to our packing…we started running about 2 months ago and we’re both in love with it…so were moving closer to a park we love here in At;;tna&#8230lwe&#8217all be following your blog…and we both love the picture of Cal…keep up the good work…KC & TR

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