The Healing Codes Australia

The Healing Codes Australia

Using The Healing Codes, enables a person, for the first time Completely, to truly deal with ALL the issues of your life, clear your fears, dissolve your stress, your emotional baggage, & heal the Heart of who you are and all the physical upsets that go with, being in huge Stress.

   This mechanism of 12 varied Codes, activates with the fingertips, 4 Healing Centres that are new human knowledge, since 2001. Opening these Healing centres in specific combinations, creates an electrical or vibrational connection, like repairing circuitry, that ‘mend’ the Stress we feel as disturbances. These disturbances are the underlay, of what we experience in life, as illness, emotional overload & upsets, pain, anxiety, mental distress, disease & destructive behaviours & beliefs, etc.

   In short, THCodes process addresses ALL the issues of our lives by directly clearing the Stress that we are feeling in day to day life. It works whether we Believe in it, or not. The 4 Healing Centres immediately affect the ‘control panel’ of our entire human system, body, mind, Spirit & our Heart.
   The hand positions vary, from code to code, because each different combination, produces a specific Vibration, that is the exact Opposite vibration, to All the distresses you experience, & ‘mends’ the Cause of the distress, that was emitting that uncomfortable vibration.

   The Healing Codes program can be, a one time purchase you invest in, for the Whole of your family. You & any of the family are also able to choose a Coach and work one on one, with them, privately, individually.

Susan Glynn

With a Mum who had been a 5 certificated Nurse, trained to nurse people Holistically, she followed suit and began her Registered Nursing training. Within that first year, she noticed she was nursing some of the same patients several times. They were not improving with each hospitalization.

Something was not working here, and as their nurse… she was a part of that, which distressed her. Looking at their prescribed treatments and medications showed many of these drugs had side effects that were ‘arguing’ with one another, in the patient, contributing to their discomfort and illness in various ways, and all this seemed counter-productive to her.

At the start of her 2nd year of training, She went to the hospital Matron saying she felt, she was a part of a lot of medicine, as a nurse…and yet…not a lot of true healing was happening. She resigned.​

She lived life for a while, married, had a gorgeous son, and learned a lot from the broad variety of these life experiences…some of which were extremely uncomfortable.

With her little son, she began another phase of life as a single Mum, and at her wise Godmother’s suggestion, trained as a crisis telephone councillor for Lifeline, then worked on the phones.

Jan Bonnefin



Jan Bonnefin started her Energy Medicine journey over 15 years ago at a time when she was a severely stressed out and busy high level executive for a major company. Convinced that there was a better way to “heal” her underlying stuck patterns, and heal several severe health problems, she began studying the world of energy healing.

Jan began with meditation, Reiki and NLP, the Emotion Code then on to EFT, Tapping, Quantum Touch and Energy Medicine. In 2009 and 2010 she received her Master Certification in several modalities, and began her career as an Energy Therapist.

Jan Bonnefin came across The Healing Codes at a pivotal point in her life. When none of the other modalities and techniques she had been studying were giving her lasting results or change, Jan’s life began to expand and grow with more ease and speed than even she could have imagined possible.



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