The Guardian Council

The Guardian Council is a committee of highly talented and spiritually evolved Earth guardians.

Guardians are spiritual warriors. They are the keepers of the light and the truth. The guardians are the defenders and protectors of humanity and Mother Earth.

The Guardian Council was formed by the founders of respected humanitarian organizations and well known transformational leaders.

The council was formed and is headed by twelve elder members who are concerned with the state of the world and have a desire to create lasting positive solutions to the global issues.

The council members have a common mission and a shared vision to improve the condition of the planet for all living beings.

The twelve elder members act as trustees for the Guardian Council.

The council meets at regularly scheduled times to:

  • Discuss world events and matters of mutual concern
  • Provide updates to the committee and council members on their individual activities and projects
  • Discuss ways to collaborate on projects of common interest
  • To build support and strenghthen strategic alliances amongst its members
  • The council can form panels to address specific issues and initiate collaborative action colitions in response to identified challenges.