Learn how to be master the game of life by following the mystical path of illumination and enlightenment.

This seminar is a four-week class on manifesting reality in the mystical tradition.

This course will focus on teaching the participants to become a “reality artists” as opposed to being “casual creators”.

You are not “casual creators” who live life by default – you are reality artists.

The difference between the two is reality artists paint the life of their dreams, whereas casual creators take no interest in their lives and take what is given to them. Who would you rather be?

The topics to be covered include:

  • A mystical interpretation of the meaning of life
  • Breaking out of the Dark Matrix and the illusion of duality
  • The art and science of perception, interpretation, and discernment
  • Connecting with your higher power for guidance and understanding
  •  Finding your passion, higher purpose, and life’s mission
  •  Finding your inner power
  •  The essential philosophy of: Personal responsibility, recognition of the eternal soul, the power of choice, nonattachment, and acceptance.
  •  The healing power of forgiveness