Our Work

To develop our programs, we identified the key areas where there’s the most need.

Universal Soul Love acts as a Global Influencer for Sustainable Living Practices
  • We seek to change the perception of the term “sustainability” to make it an acceptable lifestyle practice.
  • We work at the global level to implement practical solutions to world issues at the grass roots level.
  • We believe the solutions to all global issues are available.  The technologies and breakthroughs are to solve every global issue already exists..
  • We believe that all the solutions to the global issues already exist.  We only need to foster an environment which allows people with viable answers to connect those who have the means to make it happen.

The Power to Effect Change

Our team works tirelessly developing programs that result in meaningful change. And that change is what leads step by step into a brighter future.












Making a Difference in Our Community

  • Developing self-sustainable living solutions
  • Increasing spiritual awareness and personal growth
  • Exploring the mysteries of the hidden universe
  • Protecting the environment and our natural resources
  • Empowering people to reclaim their personal power
  • Reunification of the Divine Feminine Essence and the Sacred Masculine Source
  • Maintaining healthy romantic partnerships
  • Promoting a message of universal love








Connecting the Dots

Even though some of these challenges may seem to be daunting, we believe that solutions are readily available, if only we can “connect the dots” more effectively. 

After all, we must realize that technologies and solutions are already in existence, albeit not yet connected to the problems which most need them. It’s important to develop an environment that allows people to connect with each other more readily and bring those solutions to the table, in order for policymakers and industry leaders to implement them.

Partner Network











 Our programs rely on active participation from our partners, supporters

Universal Soul Love maintains a global partnership network

Universal Soul Love is in the process of developing a global partnership network with these objectives firmly in mind. We will provide a voice for partners within this network by allowing them to broadcast through our radio network, BBS Radio, with studios in Florida, California and Australia.

Our solution has the capacity to reach tens of millions of listeners and already provides weekly podcast material that’s carried on 100 or so affiliate network stations, such as Tune-in Radio, iTunes and iHeart Radio.

We support our global partners by:

  • We influence people through our broadcast radio network
  • Our talk radio show reaches tens of millions of listeners through its   studios in Australia, California and Florida.
  • Our studios carry our weekly podcast on over 100 affiliate network stations including iTunes, Tune-In Radio, iHeart Radio, etc.
  • We interview industry leaders and executive officers of large humanitarian organizations, which has created a large audience for our talk show.
  • We routinely interview small NGOs giving them a platform and voice to share innovative solutions to issues of global concern.
  • We use our talk show as means to network with people in leadership role and connect them to people who solution-based thinkers.
  • We offer our global partners air time on Universal Soul Love Radio so they can share their visions and message to the world.

Hearing the Voice

We strive to find people from all walks of life, who have a unique voice and something to contribute to this argument. For example, we interview executives from humanitarian organisations, and provide platforms for representatives from small NGOs. The aim here is to give them all a means of sharing their solutions and bringing forward alternatives to help solve issues of global concern.


Networking and Marketing events

  • We create teleconferences and networking events like the Paradigm Shift Conference which address climate change
  •  We help raise awareness for on pervasive social issues such as child sex trafficking and human trafficking
  • We encourage our listeners to support the humanitarian efforts of our global partners by visiting their websites, reading their educational materials, attending events, and making financial donations.

The Magic Happens

When we put people with novel ideas in front of a global audience who are invested in finding a solution, magic can happen. The more we make people aware of the issue, the more we awaken the collective mind. 

Solutions then emerge that may not have seen the light of day without this form of global communication. Consequently, it’s important to give solution-based thinkers valuable airtime on Universal Soul Love Radio, to help them share their vision throughout the world.

Just the Beginning

Universal Soul Love is committed to promoting the interests and the specific message of our global partners.

For example, we stage networking and marketing events such as the Paradigm Shift Conference, dedicated to the pressing issue of climate change. We also focus on other crucial humanitarian issues such as the child sex trade and human trafficking. We want listeners to become aware of these challenges and seek out further information, so they become engaged in finding a solution.

Our listeners are prompted to visit the websites of our global partners, so that they can access further educational material. They can then attend fundraising events or seek to make their own contributions or financial donations to that particular cause.

New Platforms

Universal Soul Love is also working to develop an online educational platform that can help the individual learn how to become far more self-sustainable and develop better living practices. From this platform will emerge workshops, conferences and a variety of other events, to provide even more information about sustainability and self-sufficiency.


Public Education Campaigns

We are working to create an online educational platform to teach self-sustainable living practices.

We are planning workshops, conferences, and other event designed to teach self-sufficiency and self-sustainability.

Themes and topics include:

  • Permaculture
  • Financial independence (We have interviewed money management experts)
  • Conflict resolution (We have interviewed nonviolent communication experts).
  • Relationships skills
  • Personal empowerment
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Healthy living and nutrition


These educational platforms will focus close attention on everyday problems that must be addressed. This enables individuals to live more effectively, and to provide positive contributions to the world around them. 

We will address financial independence, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationship skills and personal power. We will help the individual focus on eating more nutritious foods, sleeping better, exercising more efficiently, living from a healthy perspective, and reducing the high levels of stress that most of us encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Faith-based, but Non-sectarian

Universal Soul Love is a faith-based charitable concern. However, we are not dedicated to one particular doctrine, and are proud to be non-sectarian. We encourage the “interface” of spiritual principles, and our approach is based on 12 specific steps.

  1. Universal love is paramount.
  2. Mutual respect is the “golden rule”
  3. Each individual must take personal responsibility
  4. Meaningful relationships must be fostered
  5. Existing conflicts must be resolved
  6. Contribution begins with an analysis of self-worth
  7. Compassion and kindness to all
  8. Gratitude and appreciation for everything that you have
  9. Prioritize recovery from the traumas of the past
  10. Happiness is key
  11. Loss and grief can always be overcome
  12. Love for – and a healthy understanding of – the Creator.