Jacqueline Boyd – Priceless Pet Photography

Jacqueline Boyd – Priceless Pet Photography

Multi award winning media and commercially published photographer and Veterinary Technician, Jacqueline Boyd introduced Professional Photography to animal rescue. 6 years photography for the WLPA. All handlers are are experienced WLPA volunteers.

Contact Information:
        +61 459 991 514

About Jacqueline Boyd :-

Head Photographer for the WLPA (World League for the Protection of Animals.Inc) for 8 years, Jacqueline Boyd is a multi award winning commercially published (by Pan Macmillan) talented photographer.  Her work has a secured place in the State Library of London for 100 years. Her work has also been displayed in Parliament House.

Jacqueline Boyd is an experienced ICU Vet Nurse/Veterinary Technician, with previous employment roles that include the University of Sydney.

A highly talented Medium of over 10 years experience in the field of Metaphysics,  Jacqueline Boyd performs Live Animal Readings on BBC, BBM, BBS, and iTune World Radio networks where she communicates with animals past and present over live broadcast.




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